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myREHAB™ Lumbar Exercise Kit

HCPCS: A9300

myREHAB™ Home Exercise Kits are designed to provide safe rehabilitation therapy for injured patients in the comfort of their home. The desired goal is to have patients build strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and range of motion to allow them to participate in activities of daily living and avoid re-injury.

myREHAB™ Home Exercise Kits meet the needs of the injured patient by customizing an individualized program for functional restoration and adapting progressive methods/modalities. Beginning with stretching, then adding progression to range of motion and finally strengthening the area. myREHAB™ Home Exercise Kits meet the requirements of the Administrative Director per ACOEM Guidelines; provision of treatments medically necessary to cure or relieve the accepted work injury to the accepted body part(s) using evidence-based techniques.

The Home Exercise Kits are recommended by the California Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) where home exercise programs are recommended, and Physical Therapy, where active self-directed home physical therapy is recommended. See ODG Guidelines, Home Exercise Kits for Knee and Leg Conditions; ODG Guidelines, Home Exercise Kits for Shoulder Conditions.



• 3 Graduated Resistance Bands
• Body Ball with Pump
• Cold Compression Wrap
• Exercise Mat
• Instruction Manual Complete
with Exercise Program