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Electrotherapy Stimulator

HCPCS: E1399

The Tri-Wave™ Electric Stimulator is a multi-modality prescription only device with Interferential, TENS, and NMES treatment modalities used as an approach to pain management control, deep tissue penetration, and functional restoration. The Tri-Wave™ is designed to provide a portable user-friendly experience for the patient, while offering a myriad of possibilities for the clinician. The goal with this treatment is to provide pain relief, relax muscle spasm, reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and range of motion to enable the patient to experience reduced pain or lessen the perception of pain to a point in which an active role in rehabilitation can be pursed to improve physical functioning and the need for pain medication can be substantially reduced or eliminated. The CA ODG Guidelines supports patient use when there is evidence of increased functional improvement, less reported pain and evidence of medication reduction. ACOEM Guidelines, Chapter 3 states that “Electrical Stimulation can keep symptoms at bay temporarily, diminishing pain long enough so that patients begin to mobilize”.


Electrotherapy and Heat Therapy Treatment

The Tri-Wave™ Electric Stimulator combined with the Thermotex Heating Pad is the perfect combination for pain management control. Combining electrotherapy and heat therapy modalities will keep the patients active and increase functional improvement.

Benefits of Electric Stimulation:

• Pain Management Control
• Relax Muscle Spasms
• Increase Blood Circulation
• Reduce Inflammation
• Reduce Chronic or Post-Op Pain
• Re-Educate and Strengthen Muscles
• Increase Range of Motion (ROM)
• Prevent or Retard Disuse Atrophy